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6. WorldCat@OSU: Citing Items

If you use an information source in a research project, you need to cite it.  Below you will see how to save lists and get citation information from WorldCat@OSU. For more information on citing information, see the Citing Resources tutorial.


Setting up an Account

Before you are able to save and export information from WorldCat@OSU as a large group, you will want to first set up an account.  After you have done a search, you will see a link to sign in.  This will open a box asking you to sign in - or create an account.



When you create an account, be sure to choose a username you will remember (such as your OSU email address).


When examining a particular item, you can format it in a few citation styles or export it to a citation management tool such as RefWorks – look for Cite/Export and click on it:

cite/export link

Note: Always check your citations for errors when using any feature of this sort.



Starting a List

The steps to saving a list:



Viewing List

When you have saved your last item, you'll want to view your completed saved list.  If you have just saved something, you will be given a your list link. You can also view all of your available lists. Look for the My WorldCat link all the way at the bottom of the page:

my worldcat


You can then view your lists.  You can make notes, delete/move items, or go to the Citations View tab where you can begin your bibliography.



Citations View

In Citations View, you can export to a bibliography tool (such as RefWorks) or export in one of the more common citation formats (APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, Turabian). 


Note: Always check your citations for errors when using any feature of this sort.

For more help with citing sources, see our Citing Resources tutorial or our Citation Examples help page.


You may want to use WorldCat@OSU regularly while at OSU.  Go to set up an account to get started on saving items.  Pick a username and password you'll remember.

Pop Quiz

See how well you know WorldCat@OSU by taking the WorldCat@OSU Pop Quiz.


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