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net.TUTOR: WorldCat@OSU

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2. WorldCat@OSU: Overview

What is WorldCat@OSU?

WorldCat@OSU is a tool that allows you to search the holdings of libraries from all over the world (including OSU and OhioLINK libraries), as well as content from thousands of journals and millions of electronic books and web-accessible documents. WorldCat@OSU allows you to search for such items as:

  • books
  • e-books
  • theses & dissertations
  • web pages
  • sound recordings (music and non-music)
  • articles (newspaper, magazines, and journals)
  • films
  • maps
  • musical scores
  • conference papers
  • archival material
  • digital library content
  • computer discs

WorldCat@OSU is good for quick searches on a topic, as a starting point, and for interdisciplinary topics. However, despite its size, it is not all inclusive. It does not search all journals and databases available via OSU, and full-text searching is limited.

Find WorldCat@OSU on the OSU Libraries' homepage.

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View the OSU Libraries' homepage and click on each of the tabs. What is the easiest way to search WorldCat@OSU, but eliminate articles from your search results?


Our Answer:




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