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net.TUTOR: Web Basics

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8. Web Basics: Some Advanced Options


If you want to do some more advanced things in email and with your web browser, here are some suggestions to try (note: support and how these work varies between browsers/email programs – see the HELP area for your browser or email program for details):




You can set up a signature in your email program, so that the same information (such as your name and contact information) appear at the bottom of every message.


Bob Smith
1313 Mockingbird Ln
Bobstown, OH 45678

Address Book

Rather than have to look up someone’s email every time you want to send them a message, you can add them to an address book and next time, simply type their name for them to appear.


Enter your professor’s email address in your address book – so you don’t have to look it up.

Automatic filing/filtering

You can have emails from certain people, or with certain terms in the subject, filtered directly to a certain folder rather than go in your inbox. 


Perhaps you want emails from a specific mailing list to go to a folder for that listserv, where you can view later.




You can have special programs/features as add-ons to a browser. 


A search box for your favorite web search engine can be located near the top of your browser window.

Disable items for speed/security

You can set your browser to disable certain functions in order to increase security or speed up browsing.  This is often found under the Tools area in the menu. 


Disable pop-up windows (a new window opening automatically to display content), images loading automatically, or JavaScript items.


Note: doing any of these may prevent access to content you wish to see.


Web browsers can be set to remember text you have entered before.


If you fill out a form, a browser may be able to remember what you’ve put in many of the form fields before.

Note: Most browsers won’t remember passwords, credit cards numbers, etc. for fields unless you specifically indicate it should.

These are just a few of the many advanced features common to browsers and email.  Check out your specific email program or browser to see what else is available.




Check out the extensive list of add-ons available for the Firefox browser

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