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net.TUTOR: Searching the Library Catalog

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6. Searching the Library Catalog: Keyword searching

A keyword search, the default catalog search, searches for terms in many different fields (author, title, subject, and multiple other places).

A keyword search is useful for when you have a topical search.  See our Searching 101 and Smart Research Strategies tutorials for general searching tips and strategies.  The catalog makes use of Boolean operators (AND, OR, & AND NOT), phrase searching, truncation/wildcards, and grouping/nesting.


Find ALL terms
Find ANY term
Exclude a term
Search multiple terms in an exact order


Advanced tips:


Find words with a common root
Grouping/Nesting terms when mixing Boolean operators
Maximum number of results



Want some practice?  Try our Rank 'Em and Truncation/Wildcard Practice activities.


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