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net.TUTOR: Searching the Library Catalog

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5. Searching the Library Catalog: Author searches

To find items by a particular author, use the author search. For works created by an organization (such as Ohio State University or Ford Motor Company), the author is the institution. This is called a corporate author. For personal authors, enter as Last name, First Name.

When there is more than one match for an author name, examine the list of titles for each one in order to find the correct author. Sometimes the date of birth provides a clue. Depending on the search, you may need to make a selection for a particular author from a list or you may be taken directly to a list of available items.



A common name
An author better known by another name or a name with multiple spellings
A popular or prolific author
A performer (musician, actor, etc.)
A government agency/branch, business, or other organization



Which author search gets the most results?

  • American Dairy Association
  • Tandy, Jessica
  • Diaz, Karen


Our Answer:

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