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net.TUTOR: Searching the Library Catalog

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4. Searching the Library Catalog: Title Searches

Use the Title search when you know at least the beginning part of the title of a work. The words must be entered in the exact order in which they appear in the title. The illustration below shows results from a TITLE search in the full catalog for: I know why the caged bird sings (capitalization does not matter):

Note that when the title words you enter match more than one item, the search results page shows all matches. Notice some titles have multiple items, or entries. Click the title to view all entries.



Do a Title search in the catalog for each of these titles (you can copy/paste) and add up the number of entries. Notice you can enter partial titles.

Which gets you the most results? Do any get no results when you change the dropdown menu from Search Full Catalog to E-books?

  • practice of surg
  • partial differential equations
  • who moved
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