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net.TUTOR: Multimedia and Academia

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5. Multimedia and Academia: What resources are available to find information in multimedia formats?


There are many ways to find multimedia resources for research purposes. We will examine both OSU Library resources and resources available freely on the web.



All Subjects
Social Sciences



Your turn! Using the OSU Libraries website and the internet, find an academic journal or other academic resource that features multimedia and is relevant to your major. Provide a link to that resource below. Double click and add a sticky note in this format: Title: First Name / Source Name followed by URL as text

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Created with Padlet

Pop Quiz

You are enrolled in a course that has its own wiki, and one of your assignments is to write and entry on a topic relevant to the course. You are required to incorporate multimedia items into your entry, and these items must be linked to verifiable sources. That is, all multimedia must follow fair use, so no linking to an image or sound where the webpage author does not have the right to display it (for example, the webpage author did not create the image).

Using the resources mentioned in this tutorial, match items in the Multimedia in Academia Pop Quiz


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