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net.TUTOR: Multimedia and Academia

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2. Multimedia and Academia: Multimedia Types


Although we might associate images with art and sound with music, images, sounds, and other multimedia can be used in a wide range of academic disciplines.

When many people think of academic research and academic scholarship, they often think of this:


book stacks


It is increasingly common for research to be gathered and conveyed in formats other than text:


photographer recording tools
video displays earbuds graph



Movie Time


Take a look at the first track (Shipyards, Submarines, & Dance) in The Shipyard Dance (OSU only)


Audio Time



  • Autumn Insects by Taira Komori
  • Frog Calls Univeristy of Michigan’s Museum of Zoology (by Patricia Jones and edited by George Hammond)


Many Formats


Interactive media: Associated Press’In retrospect: 40 years since the race to the moon.


Below we have provided links to sites where you can obtain multimedia items. Many multimedia objects are available freely on the web, but copyright and fair use rules apply to all multimedia found online or in person (covered in more detail on this tutorial's page 4). Some items may be proprietary - which means there is a fee or registration required to access and use them. Creative Commons licensing provides varying degrees of copyright, allowing for a range of uses for materials, and many sites (such as Google) allows you to filter searches according to copyright restrictions.



Interactive Media