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net.TUTOR: Using Information in Context

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4. Using Information: BEAM: Exhibit Sources

These are what's analyzed or serve as the object(s) of interpretation. Generally, these are the works of literature (or other media), collected data, some observed phenomenon, etc. that you are asked to write about.

Looking at the pop culture essay, the exhibits being examined are pop culture and American (as well as global) values. Specifically, it is examining the relationship between the two:

On the other hand, the international success of Toy Story 3, a film that deals with anthropomorphized toys and is thus essentially a consumerist fantasy of commodities come to life, also suggests that global distribution of the products of the American Culture Industry is beginning to have an impact on the tastes and values of audiences even outside the United States.

An exhibit source is not limited to examples in the humanities; it could also be data that was collected in an experiment or a website's user survey. It can also simply serve an example that helps support a claim.

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