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net.TUTOR: Smart Research Strategies

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6. Smart Research Strategies: Specialized web search engines

In-depth research is a large part of the reason college/university library exists. As you progress into higher-level courses, the importance of in-depth research will increase.

While some in-depth resources are at a lower content level, many are written at a higher level. Some may be only understood by experts in a very narrow field.

One of the issues with in-depth resources is that they often take longer to get published. Remember the diagram from the previous page:


As mentioned on the previous page, news or opinion resources tend to be the best places to find information on extremely recent events. Generally, topics will take longer to get into scholarly journal articles and even longer to make it into books.

Here are some in-depth sources of information you may want to check out:


Scholarly & Government Web Sites


Compare Them!


Compare these search results.  What do you find?


A search for the phrase pancreatic cancer in the general Academic Search Complete, the subject-specific PubMed, and a Bing news search.



Our Answer:


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