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net.TUTOR: Smart Research Strategies

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5. Smart Research Strategies: News & opinions

When information is brand new, it will appear first in news sources. Higher-level content resources will not be able to address breaking news topics, other than in a newsy way, for some time. So if your topic is extremely recent, you will use resources like newspapers, magazines, and online news and opinion pages to gather information. Many disciplines have subject-specific sources of news, such as society web sites and listservs.



Older information in these resources are also valuable in certain disciplines as well. History, political science, and business topics may find older news sources useful.

Opinion resources, such as blogs, some news resources, and web pages may be of use as well. When dealing with a topic, it may be useful to get varying viewpoints. While many of these are not scholarly, you may find a number of opinion-type resources written by scholars in that field.

News and opinion resources may suffice for some assignments, such as a short paper or quick presentation. These may not be as useful for other types of assignments.

See our News Sources and Social Networks tutorials for more detailed information on these sources.




In which situation would news and opinion resources be most useful?  Complete the News Nitpicking activity.

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