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7. Web Search Tools: Specialized databases

Specialized databases contain some of the most scholarly information available - resources valuable for research and for use in assignments. These tools are often called research or library databases. Many of these databases find information none of the web search engines you've explored thus far can find - many items are behind publisher or vendor firewalls and web search engines cannot access the information.

They often contain, or connect to, material not available for free on the open web. A web search engine may find some of this content = but it also may take you to sites to pay for access. Don't pay! Check a library's resources, or speak with a librarian, first - the library may have already paid for it so you can have access.

Similar to specialized web search engines, specialized databases may focus on specific subject areas or formats. The OSU Libraries provides access to databases covering most subjects and formats.

See more detail in the Specialized Databases tutorial.


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