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net.TUTOR: Web Search Tools

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6. Web Search Tools: Specialized web search engines


A specialized web search engine is a web search engine that focuses on searching for web pages in a certain area. This area could be format, subject area, geographic region, or domain(s). There may be overlaps between one or more of these areas.

Why would you want to use a specialized web search engine? Can't a general search engine find all, or most, of the content needed? Yes, but there will be a lot of other stuff lumped in. Perhaps you only want images? Perhaps you're only interested in quality scientific web sites. You can focus your search into the area only and not get items from areas you're not interested in.

Here are some examples of specialized web search engines:





Arts & Humanities
Social Sciences


See a list of other specialized search engines



See if you can get the type of search engine correct in this matching activity.


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