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net.TUTOR: Web Search Tools

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5. Web Search Tools: Metasearch engines

If web search engines each index different items on the Web when they search, wouldn't it be useful to search all of them together?

That's what metasearch engines do. They search multiple search engines and combine results. Some display only what they consider to be the top picks from each, while others display a wider range.

Remember the search on cantaloupes? Instead of searching multiple search tools, you can use a metasearch engine to search several at a time. Dogpile, which searches Bing, Google, and Yahoo!, gives results like:


Notice results are found in anywhere from one to all three of the search engines.  


When should you use a metasearch engine? This list may be of help:


Use a metasearch engine when you:

A metasearch engine may not be necessary when you:

Compare Them!


Earlier, we did a search in multiple search engines for the word cantaloupe. Let's repeat this in different metasearch engines. Click the metasearch engine name to view results.


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