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net.TUTOR: Web Search Tools

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3. Web Search Tools: Web Directories

If you're looking for shoes in a mall, a mall's directory will give you the best store to visit to find them. A web directory is similar - it will tell you the best places to look for a particular subject area.

Web directories are:


1. Selective: They are a collection of sites that have been selected by specialists.

2. Browse-able: They can be browsed by subject categories, which are usually arranged in a hierarchy, starting with the broadest or most general one , such as:


            Civil Engineering


                    Suspension bridges

3. Searchable: In addition to browsing, you can also search within most directories. Your search words are matched against:


Movie Time!

Take a look at our Web Directories video.




Examples of web directories (click image to visit):













See if you can use ipl2 to BROWSE to find sites related to employment in the field of Business & Economics, specifically in Canada.


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