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net.TUTOR: Searching 101

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4. Searching 101: Identifying Search Terms

Now that you have the main idea, the next step is to generate search terms by creating a list of synonyms for each main idea. It's those search terms that you'll eventually type into the search box. HINT: Remember to use both singular and plural forms of your words.

Imagine that your main idea is substance abuse. What search terms would you use?


Share your ideas on what terms you would use. Double click to add a sticky note with your terms.

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TIP: Have you considered using a Thesaurus? Or adding a thesaurus to your browser search bar?


Consider Connections beyond Synonyms

Sometimes synonyms aren't enough or you need to see the connections visually. Try your search terms in Visuwords, an online graphical dictionary to see associations with other words and concepts in a diagram reminiscent of a neural net.




Practice forming a list of search terms in the Search Terms Practice Activity.

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