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net.TUTOR: Social Media for Work and Play

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5. Social Media for Work and Play: Ask Others


Sometimes you want ask a group of people for their opinion or their best answer on a question you have. This is sometimes called “crowdsourcing” an idea. While you could always just post a blog or write a Facebook post to request answers, there are other tools that are specifically dedicated to helping you pose questions of others.  For example:



caution Think carefully about asking the general public questions such as those related to health, legal matters, finances, ethical, or items of an extremely personal nature. Anyone can answer these questions online, even if they have no expertise in the area. Consider if your question is one that truly requires expert insight.




Go to Yahoo! Answers and use the Search Y! Answers search box to see if you can find a question related to a store (grocery, clothing, electronics, etc.) where you shop.


Pop Quiz


See how much you know about the social media tools mentioned in Social Media Resource Matchup.



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