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net.TUTOR: Evaluating Web Sites

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6. Evaluating Web Sites: What do you already know?

You must already be continually evaluating information sources in your personal life. Think for a minute about what information you have acted on today (where to go, what to do, what to eat, whether to look at this tutorial, etc.). What helped you decide whether the information was relevant and credible?


You Choose!

Thinking along those lines above, hover over on all the factors below that you consider to be criteria for evaluating sources of information on the web (color will change).

I've used the source before and nothing bad happened


The web site is easy to use


The web site looks professional


Its information makes sense with what I already know


A friend recommended the web site


The site seems rational


All my friends accept its information


The site fits with how I was raised


It has all the information I need so I don't have to go to a lot of sites


I recognize the truth when I see it


What kind of site it is


I've used similar sources before


I know who put it up


My instructor recommended the source


Other sources I like are linked to it


You probably clicked on at least several factors that we would agree with. Take a look at what we recommend on the next page.

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