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net.TUTOR: Evaluating Web Sites

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3. Evaluating Web Sites: Connect these dots

The dots are factors you should consider when trying to decide whether a web site is:


When professors say they're trying to help their students become critical thinkers, part of what they mean is that they want you to make a habit of always considering--making inferences about - the sources of the information you use. That habit is a mark of an educated person. If college works for you, you'll get better at making inferences about your sources as you move from freshman to senior. 

You make inferences or study inferences in your course work all the time. For instance, much of what you learn in your science classes and others is about what scholars have been able to infer from data and observations that they can't study more directly, including, for example:



Share your thoughts on this topic. Double click below and give a topic area (title) and then your inferences.

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