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net.TUTOR Quick Guide: Web Site Evaluation Checklist

Evaluating Web Sites > Checklist

DirectionsCheck the box if:
Consider relevance for your research topic. Does site seem to have the type of information you need?
Site is relevant
Next, learn more about the site's purpose, author, publisher.
Site meets its stated intent.
Author or publisher is identified clearly.
Author has appropriate credentials
Now examine the content more carefully.
Content is not biased or slanted.
Content is up-to-date.
Compare the page to site(s) with similar content. Use Google to find related sites. In the search box, type:

related:[URL of known site]
Example: related:www.deathpenalty.org
Compared to others, this site offers broad coverage of the topic.
Finally, look for evidence of recognition by others. Use Google to find pages that are linking to this web site. In the search box, type:

link:[URL of known site]
Example: link:www.deathpenalty.org
Site is recognized as significant.

Count the number of boxes you checked.
Your score for this site:
6-8 points - you found a winner!
3-5 points - questionable, may be useful for some projects
0-2 points - look for a better source

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