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The net.TUTOR home page provides a menu of all tutorials available in this program. The first or "overview" page of each tutorial provides a table of contents for that lesson and a graphical representation, as shown in the illustration below.

Sample screen

Once you start a tutorial, click on links (underlined words or phrases) to move around:

  • Use the net.TUTOR Home link to return to the home page of the program.
  • Use the Tutorial Overview link to return to the overview (starting page) for that particular tutorial.
  • Use the links at the top of each tutorial page to view other parts, such as Links (additional sources of information), Glossary (for definitions of key terms in the lesson), Test (to take a test over that tutorial), or Help.
  • Use the links at the bottom of each page to move on to the next page of the lesson.

Returning to a Tutorial

Take as long as you need to complete a tutorial. No registration is required to use them and you can view them as many times as needed, even make bookmarks with your browser so you can return later to particularly useful pages.

If you leave a page of a tutorial in order to view a site linked to that page, in most cases you may just use the browser's BACK button to return. Any links that open in a new browser window will be labelled with that information.

Taking Tests

If you are required to complete some tutorials for an OSU class, you must take the tests that accompany those lessons in order for a grade to be recorded for you and sent to your instructor.

When ready to take a test, click on the "Test" link at the top of any page in that tutorial. In order to connect to the test, you must login to Carmen, the OSU course management system, with your OSU Internet username and password (same one used for OSU e-mail, etc.).

If you have not activated your OSU Internet account, you will not be able to take these tests. You can activate your account online or in person.

When you connect to the net.TUTOR site in Carmen, you will see links for all available tests on the Quizzes page. The Grades page will show your scores for any tests that you have completed.

Tests may be taken only once. Be sure to study the tutorial before taking the test associated with it. And be sure to review your test answers before submitting the test for grading.

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