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net.TUTOR: Selecting Good Information

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4. Selecting Good Information: Categorizing information by  Publication Mode

Another way of categorizing information by publication type has to do with thinking about the nature of the information or the publication mode. If we categorize this way can think of the categories as being:


Information in its original form which is not translated by anyone else and has not been published elsewhere



Such as:
  • A play
  • A novel
  • Breaking News
  • An advertisement
  • An eyewitness account
  • A painting
  • A scientific discovery


Repackaged, restatement or interpretation of primary information.


Such as:
  • A book about an historical event
  • An article that critiques a novel, play or painting
  • An article or web site that summarizes and synthesizes several eyewitness accounts for a new understanding of an event.

An index or something that condenses or summarizes information


Such as:
  • Almanacs
  • Guide books
  • Survey articles
  • Timelines
  • User guides
  • Indexes


Why do these categories matter?



Complete the Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary? activity to see if you can identify which category best fits an item's description.


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