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net.TUTOR: Selecting Good Information

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2. Selecting Good Information: Information Cycle

If you can categorize information as a type, it makes it easier for you to determine whether it is the information you need. Information can be categorized in any number of ways, but we'll explore the following types here:

Interestingly, as it has become EASIER for us to access information digitally and portably, it has become HARDER to identify the type of information.

 is now

(By sucelloleiloes / flikr.com)

Understanding how information is made is an integral part of being able to categorize the information as a type and determining if it is the type you need.

Information appears in different publication formats at different times during an information cycle that stems from a particular event because, among other things, of how long it takes to produce the different kinds. The following video explains how publication formats matter in regards to the information one can expect to find in them:

Movie Time




See how well you you know the order in which information flows through various formats in the Information Types Order activity.



There are some information formats for events that this video does not include. Think of ways you get information about events and list them here. Think of where it comes from and who is supplying the information. List what you can think of here.

Now compare your list to ours, to see if we thought of things you didn't:

Our Answer:


Let's explore further some ways of categorizing information for you to become better at identifying the type of information you are looking at so you can see if it meets your need.


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