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net.TUTOR: Selecting Good Information

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1. Selecting Good Information: Why bother with this tutorial?

There are a lot of different kinds of information out there and a lot of different reasons you might need the information. Misinformation is generally considered bad information. But defining what is good is a relative concept determined by what the information need is.

Matching the right type of information with a need is time-saving, productive and efficient. Matching the wrong kind of information with a need can be disastrous, costly, or time-wasting. Consider what might happen if a doctor got all her information about diabetes from one pharmaceutical company? Or imagine that a business decided to build a new store in a neighborhood based on census data of the last neighborhood in which it built? Finally, what if you had spent hours to get all the scientific data that you could for your research paper on transportation needs in your town, when what your professor wanted was the opinions of people in the town?

In this tutorial you will learn to:



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