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History Research > 5: Data Sources and Maps

5A: Data Sources

Historical data can provide a somewhat objective measure for studying a particular time period or geographic region.

Census publications are a major source of historical data for the United States. Many older U.S. census publications are only available on microfilm.

Find census data in the library:

Find census data on the Web:

Public records created by various government agencies are collected and stored in archives, such as:

5B: Historical Maps

Maps are an important component of historical study that can help you to understand events. Search the library catalog to find historical atlases that contain printed copies of maps.

Many libraries are now converting the most important historical maps into digital form so that they can be more widely used. Some good Web sites for historical maps are:


Find a map that interests you in the Library of Congress Panoramic Maps collection.

When viewing the full map image, select a "Zoom In" button, then click on a part of the map image to enlarge it. Continue zooming until you can see the fine details.

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Historical U.S. census data can be found using:

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