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net.TUTOR: Discovering E-books

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5. Discovering E-books: ebrary

ebrary is a resource containing the full-text of thousands of e-books on many topics. You can search the full text of all books or a specific book, print, and even save books on your own "bookshelf" for later use. Note that some ebrary books may be available to only one user at a time. You may need to wait until another user has finished viewing a book.

One important thing to know about ebrary is that you'll need to install a special ebrary reader in order to use certain advanced features. Read more about the ebrary reader.

From the ebrary homepage, you can do a basic search, click on Advanced to do more advanced searching,Browse all titles to see verything, click on All subjects to see a subject list, or go to functions like your Bookshelf (which requires setting up an account).


Some searching tips:

Boolean Searching
Other options


Once you have chosen a book from your search, you will then be able to view the book. Below is what a typical book looks like.


ebrary book image

Note the highlighted text. Adding notes, highlights, etc. requires setting up an account.



Visit ebrary and click on All Subjects. Of the subjects below, which has the most items?

  • Education
  • Language and Literature
  • Agriculture


Our Answer:

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