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net.TUTOR: Discovering E-books

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3. Discovering E-books: Library Catalogs

You can search the OSU Library Catalog for e-books. After entering your search terms, you will need to limit your search to e-books by choosing E-books from the dropdown menu to the right of the search box:


Limiting your search to e-books will work for keyword, title, author, and subject searches. Once you have your search results, you can click on titles.

To access the e-book's content, look for a link like this on the page you get after clicking on the title in the results page:


If you are off campus, you may be asked to log in.

Some things to know:


If you are using WorldCat@OSU, the Search All tab on the main OSU Libraries web page, you can limit to the eBook format after a search by using the limit on the left-hand side.

See our WorldCat@OSU tutorial for more details on searching WorldCat@OSU.



Do a keyword search in the OSU Library Catalog and limit to E-books for the following words. Which has the most results?

  • calculus
  • sociology
  • music
Our Answer:


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