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net.TUTOR: Discovering E-books

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2. Discovering E-books: What is an e-book?

An e-book, or electronic book, is a book that can be viewed on an electronic display. You are probably familiar with Kindle (Amazon.com) and NOOK (Barnes & Noble) and may even own one. These devices are just one way in which e-books are available.

E-books come in many different formats:

Web page format
PDF format
Plain Text Format
Other Software/plugins formats
Special Device Required

E-books may exist in multiple versions of the above formats...including from the same vendor. The majority of the e-books available via the OSU Libraries fall into the first two categories.

E-books are available covering most subject areas. While some of OSU's e-books are in subject-specific databases, other e-books are available through interdisciplinary or general databases.

Features of OSU Libraries e-books:


Search the full-text of an e-book. Find exactly what you need within seconds - faster than using an index.   If you are using an e-book database, you can search the full text of many books at once.

E-books are available 24/7/365. While some e-books are available to a single user, many are available to multiple users.   You can use off-campus, signing in with your name.#.
Advanced features:

Some e-books allow printing, copying text, translating, saving information, and more. Some of these actions may require a special software/plug-in or setting up a free account.


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