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Quality Checklist for Flexible Learning Materials

[Reprinted from: DeLiberations]

Whether writing your own materials, using existing ones, or adapting resources for your own purposes, the following checklist is intended to help you ensure that the quality of learning from flexible learning materials is as good as possible. Not all flexible learning materials will live up to all the issues raised in the thirty questions which make up this checklist, but identifying the shortfalls means that steps can be taken to compensate for them (for example through tutor support, or traditional teaching). The thirty questions are clustered under sub- headings reflecting the principle features of flexible learning materials.

Objectives and statements of intended learning outcomes

Structure and layout

Self-assessment questions and activities - learning by doing

Responses to self-assessment questions and activities - learning through feedback

Introductions, summaries and reviews

Tone and style of the text itself (including questions and responses)

Diagrams, charts, tables, graphs, illustrations, and so on

Some general questions

[Adapted and expanded from 'The Open Learning Handbook' (2nd edition, Phil Race, Kogan Page, London)]


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