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net.TUTOR: Specialized Databases

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5. Specialized Databases: How can you find the right specialized database?

Here are some resources for finding useful free databases. To use these sources effectively:

  1. Think of a broad subject area that encompasses your specific research need
  2. Locate a database covering that subject area in the resources below

Example: for information about Pablo Picasso, look for a database covering art or artists.

List of academic databases and search engines (Wikipedia) Sort the list in this Wikipedia article by the Discipline(s) column don't neglect the multidisciplinary ones!

ipl2 Search for a topic along with the word database.

Try this: Search for recipe database to find a source with information on vegetarian food.

Yahoo! Directory Enter a broad topic in the search box along with the word "database."

Try this: Search for these words and browse results: architecture database.

The fee-based databases available will differ from library to library. To find out which are available:

Generally, a list of databases available to you will appear here. These are sometimes arranged by title of database, by broad subject area, or both.

                Example from the OSU Libraries homepage:

databases link

                Example from Columbus Metropolitan Library's homepage:


Compare Them!

Compare OSU Libraries? Research Databases List to Columbus Metropolitan Library's Research resources.  Notice the difference in the types of resources available, the categories into which they are divided, and also the quantity of databases available. 

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