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net.TUTOR: Data Basics

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3. Data Basics: Why use data?

Data are sometimes used to support or disprove a claim or hypothesis.   Data are powerful tools if used properly.  In some cases, you need a small amount of data.  In other cases, researchers might collect too much data to store on a normal desktop computer.  The idea is to use data to give evidence that something is true or a relationship is likely present (or possibly to disprove these).

Here are some hypotheses which would require data to prove:

Data can also be narrowed down to produce  a list.  Examples:

You may not realize it, but you likely gather, use, and analyze data nearly every day.  A trip to a grocery store, an argument with a friend, or a posting on Facebook could all involve data.



Check out this very detailed data about frozen lasagna. 

Ever think this much data was available?  Are there elements new to you?  How might you use such data?


Movie Time

Watch this Little Red Riding Hood video to learn about the data behind the story.


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