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net.TUTOR: Copyright Basics

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9. Copyright Basics: What alternatives exist?

The internet has made the creation and sharing of creative works much easier than it has ever been. Most of these new works are protected by copyright as soon as they are created. But not everyone wants to lock up their creativity behind the protection of copyright. Many people want their work to be freely shared and even built upon.

Creative Commons was developed out of this desire to make it easier for others to share copyrighted works. Creative Commons (CC) allows a creator to give a license to others to share, adapt and even use his or her work for commercial purposes without having to asking for permission. The creators still own the copyright; they just let others use their works.

Many websites include CC licensed works. You can search Flickr, YouTube, Wikipedia and many other sites to find materials that you can freely use in creating your own work. You can also upload your own CC licensed works to share with others.

Movie Time!

To learn more about what Creative Commons is, why it started and how it works, check out this video.



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