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net.TUTOR: Copyright Basics

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5. Copyright Basics: Who owns it?

So, now that you know what is covered by copyright, what exactly are the rights granted to an author by copyright? There are exclusive rights granted to the creator of a copyrighted work. We call these the Author’s Bundle of Rights. They are:

This includes...
copier Right to Reproduce making physical and digital copies
projector Right to Prepare Derivative Works foreign language translations, movie adaptation of a book, etc.
distribute Right to Distribute sharing over P2P networks or posting online, as well as distributing physical copies
bulletin board Right to Display Publicly displaying in a gallery, putting posters on a noticeboard, broadcasting on TV, etc.
play Right to Perform Publicly- for literary, musical, dramatic and other audiovisual works performing a play, showing a movie, reading aloud from a book, etc.
radio Right to Perform Publicly for sound recordings, to perform by means of digital audio transmission playing recorded music in clubs, restaurants, stores, on the radio, etc.

This means the copyright holder has the permission to do these things or to grant others to do these things. If you are not the copyright holder and want to do any of the preceding, you must get permission to do so from the holder of the copyright.

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