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net.TUTOR: Careers & Employment

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6. Careers and Employment: Find job leads and apply


Locate available jobs and apply

When you're ready to look for a job, the Web can speed up the process. There are three kinds of web sites that you can use to find jobs:

Specialized job listing databases
Networking opportunities
Web sites of companies, organizations, governments


Applying for a Job

After locating job opportunities, it's time to focus on presenting yourself well. There are many books that will help with this task, but some web sites also provide good information. See:

Susan Ireland's Resume Site Advice and samples regarding resumes, interviewing, and correspondence related to your job search, including messages asking friends and family to help you network and thank you notes to employers who interviewed you
Monster.com: Career Advice Includes advice on resumes, cover letters, interviewing.

Before submitting a resume online, be sure to read Resume Security and the other resources under the heading Conducting a Safe Job Search from Monster.com.

WetFeet Primarily interested in helping those just getting started in the employment world after college. It has guide books for sale, as well as a free blog and advice section.


Use Job-Hunt.org to locate a list of specialized job search resources for a field:

  • Look for the heading "Job Search Resources.?

  • Under that, click on the resource Directory of Employers by State.

  • Click on the state of your choice.

  • Review the list of resources for the state you selected.

  • See if you can find a job opening in your field within one of the resources.

Now browse back and find a list of resources pertinent to your own career interests.

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