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net.TUTOR: Finding Articles

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4. Finding Articles: What is an article database?


The Specialized Databases tutorial covers searching in specialized databases, of which article databases are a subset.  See this tutorial for more specific details about specialized databases.  A few specific points about article databases will be covered here.

Libraries (public, school, or company) may provide access to databases via a paid subscription.  The OSU Libraries provides access to hundreds of databases via its Research Databases List.  You can search for a title or view a list of databases by subject.



Article databases will search for articles from different sources.  Some are general, while others are subject-specific.  Many cover items besides articles (primarily books and conference papers).  Key things to look for in most article databases:


Subject Terms
Links to text
Highlighting search terms


Note: Examples from databases in the above table are for the same article in two different article databases. - the general Academic Search Complete (outlined in blue) and the subject-specific engineering database Compendex (outline in red).

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