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net.TUTOR: Finding Articles

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3. Finding Articles: Why should you use scholarly articles?

Scholarly journals present new research or review existing research in a field. These articles are longer and more complex than other kinds of articles. Articles reporting new research tend to be narrowly focused on a specific research question. Review articles do not present original research, but rather summarize the results of many different information resources on a particular topic.

The most respected type of scholarly articles are called peer-reviewed or refereed articles. While some scholarly journals have editors that approve articles before they are published, peer-reviewed articles are reviewed carefully by experts (often by more than one) in that academic field before they are accepted for publication. Peer-review (also called refereeing) helps to assure the quality of information found in the article.

Movie Time!

View the Guided Tour of a Scholarly Journal Article overview movie and view videos covering articles from 3 subject areas (found below the video and linked from the overview video) to see what different scholarly articles look like.

Pop Quiz

Think you know the parts of an article?  Test your knowledge!


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