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Thursday, July 12th, 2012


Instructional Development Program Showcase Successful!

To see what you missed, contact Karen Diaz (diaz.28@osu.edu)

Net.TUTOR is Still Going Through a Facelift

Look for forthcoming news and changes for fall. Contact Danny Dotson (dotson.77@osu.edu) if you have questions.

Still Seeking Online Course Activity Testers

Contact Brian Leaf (leaf.7@osu.edu) for more information.

Featured Resource:

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Featured Toolkit Blog Post:

Xtranormal, Me and the IDP

Deidra Herring

"The Instructor Development Program (IDP) has been an interesting, but challenging journey for me to create content that I could actually develop in a short period of time. "So You Think an English Professor's Life is a Cartoon," in The Chronicle of Higher Education (Marc Parry, 2011) got my attention and convinced me that I should give the Xtranormal Storytelling platform a try. I found it to be a useful and fun tool to promote tutorials like net.TUTOR that tend to be buried in our web pages. To have an Institutional Repository, like the Knowledge Bank, can also be a gem to refer unaffiliated users to for additional sources." Continue Reading

Educational News

Casting Out Nines: The trouble with Khan Academy

"That particular day, Dave mentioned this idea about projecting a Khan Academy video onto the screen in a classroom and having three of us sit in front of it, offering snarky critiques - but with a serious mathematical and pedagogical focus - in the style of Mystery Science Theater 3000. I told him to sign me up to help, but I got too busy to stay in the loop with it."

"It turns out I missed my chance at viral internet stardom...." The Chronicle

Researchers of Tomorrow: The research behaviour of Generation Y doctoral students

In the last issue of IDEATION, we featured a webinar reporting on the research behaviour of doctoral students. This is the link to the actual report.

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Teaching Tip #3

Three Ways to Ask Better Questions in the Classroom

From Faculty Focus on June 27, 2012.

1. Prepare Questions - Make sure your questions are clear and stimulating.
2. Play with Questions - Give students time with a question (e.g. present it as a slide and solicit questions later).
3. Preserve Good Questions - Take note of good questions that are asked by students.

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