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1A: About Physical Science, Math and Technology Research

The physical science and technology disciplines covered by this guide are: Mathematics, Physics, Geology, Chemistry, Engineering and Computer Science.

The flow of scientific information is somewhat different than in other disciplines. In the sciences, electronic communication of scholarly research, through online discussion and publication of E-prints, plays an important role in the development of new ideas and theories.

Primary sources that present research findings include scientific journal articles, published conference proceedings and technical reports as well as data sets.

1B: Of Particular Note for Online Research:

University and government Web sites offer the most reliable access to information in these fields. Since science and technology are rapidly changing, the Internet is very useful in dispersing current information and break-throughs quickly and is a key tool for academic researchers.

E-prints (sometimes called preprints) are a unique type of literature. They are research manuscripts that are distributed via online archives, so that other researchers may comment and have access to the research findings quickly, long before they appear in printed versions of scholarly journals. E-prints are essentially still in draft form, so the final research product may be somewhat different.

Many searchable collections of scientific data, maps and images are found online. Other primary resources such as patents are also available via the Internet.


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