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1A: About Humanities Research

Indexers classify what fits into the "Humanities" differently. Many will lump Humanities and Social Sciences together. Some disciplines within the Humanities, particularly History, are closely allied with disciplines which are generally categorized as Social Sciences (such as Politics or Women's Studies). Thus, the line between the Humanities and the Social Sciences will sometimes blur. For our purposes, the Humanities encompass: literature, language, history, classics, archaeology, anthropology, philosophy, and religion. Visual and Performing Arts, also within the Humanities, are covered in a separate topical guide for this class.

1B: Of Particular Note for Online Research:

Primary sources are the interesting and exciting part of researching the Humanities online. Books that are no longer under copyright restrictions (generally those 75 years or older) are becoming increasingly available online. Some include images of original manuscripts or first editions of books. Some include the ability to search the text of the books for the occurrences of words. The ability to hear audio over the Web has made the sounds of important historical speeches available for us to hear. The ability to see video has made clips of movies available for viewing. Dictionaries of major languages are available in increasing detail, allowing for more research options.


Search for speeches by Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. at History and Politics Outloud.

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