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4A: Finding Journal Articles

This section contains scholarly resources, some of which may require subscription access via a library. While we aim to suggest free resources, some of the key article and database resources are available via subscription only. Non-OSU users are encouraged to check with their local academic or public library for access options if your research needs are not sufficiently addressed by the free resources.

Journal articles that analyze historical topics are secondary sources. Use a periodical index (also called a research database) to identify useful articles. At Ohio State, see:

In many databases, you can select where your search terms should be found, as the illustration below indicates. Focusing your search on a particular field in the database record produces better search results.

search for words in article title

4B: Locating Journals in the Library

Some databases have information about where the journal containing the article is located. For many Ohio State University research databases, there is a "Find It" button that provides this information.

The new OLinks window that opens when you click on "Find It" provides links to full text of the article, if available, as well as library location information for the printed copy, as shown in the illustration.

location information

If the research database does not include the library location for a journal, use the library catalog to find this information. At Ohio State,

  1. Select JOURNALS from the catalog menu.

  2. Search for the TITLE of the journal (not the article title).

  3. Once you have found the right journal title, look for the particular VOLUME you need.

If a journal is available online, a link will be provided from the catalog record to connect to the journal.

Need more help with locating a specific journal article? See the Retrieving Journal Articles videos.

For users not at OSU, see your local academic or public library for assistance with obtaining access to articles.


Try a search in Military Periodicals Index

Search for the term howitzer in this tool. What sort of results do you find? [Site opens in new window - available to OSU users only.]

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