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History Research > Overview - Key Ideas

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  1. Primary Sources: Use the catalog to locate primary source materials in the library. Look for special words that indicate primary sources in the catalog subject headings

  2. Primary Sources on the Web: Use virtual libraries and Web directories to locate other primary source materials on the Web.

  3. Secondary Sources: Find historical books (including e-books that can be read online) using the library catalog. Locate reviews of those books using a library research database. Some reviews are also available on the Web.

  4. Journal Articles: Locate scholarly journal articles by searching in a periodical index (research database). The database may provide information about the location of the journal containing the article. If not, search for the journal title in the library catalog.

  5. Data Sources and Maps: Historical census data is available by searching the catalog and from Web sites. Many libraries are now creating digital collections of historical maps on the Web.


NOTE: Items labeled with (OSU access) are accessible to OSU users only. It requires name.# authentication for off-campus access to OSU users. Non-OSU users will not have access unless on campus. Your local academic or public library may have access to these tools.

graphic representation of key ideas

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