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Education Research > 3: Articles & Journals

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3A: Types of Resources

Use an article database (also called a periodical index) to locate articles published in magazines, scholarly journals or trade publications. When you have a specific topic in mind, use an appropriate article database and search by keyword. To browse articles, find a journal dedicated to your topic or field of study.

Scholarly Journals Popular Magazines Trade Publications


Note that some journals and articles are freely available on the Web, while others are fee-based, requiring that the user have a subscription to gain access. The OSU Libraries provides access to over 10,000 fee-based online journals for students at OSU and to over 300 article databases for searching for articles by key word.

This section contains scholarly resources, some of which may require subscription access via a library. While we aim to suggest free resources, some of the key article and database resources are available via subscription only. Non-OSU users are encouraged to check with their local academic or public library for access options if your research needs are not sufficiently addressed by the free resources.

3B: Examples: Article Databases

ERIC (OSU users use this version: ERIC)

The Educational Resources Information Center produces this index to over 750 scholarly journals in the field of education. Also included is an index to thousands of "education documents," unpublished materials of all types that have been archived by ERIC and made available through the ERIC microfiche collection (including conference papers, speeches, government reports, etc.).

Education Research Complete (OSU access)

Indexes articles in the areas of curriculum instruction, administration, policy, funding and related social issues. This is the largest collection of full text education journals available.

3C: Examples: Online Magazines and Journals

Current Issues in Education

This is a peer-reviewed online journal that provides free access to scholarly articles. It is published by the College of Education at Arizona State University.

Education Policy Analysis Archives

Full text of articles on various aspects of education policy at all levels of the education system in all nations. Freely available.

Education Week

Online version of one of the leading news sources in education. Focus is on current events, with more substantive articles available in its sister publication, Teacher Magazine. Includes a searchable archive of past issues (1981- ). Must have a subscription to view articles.

3D: How to Find More

OSU Libraries:

Google Scholar

Use this special search within Google to find just: peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles, from academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories, universities and other scholarly organizations. By setting the "Library Links" within "Scholar Preferences", you can have the results link to OSU holdings of fee-based material when owned.

Yahoo: News and Media

Browse by topic area to find links to appropriate online magazines, journals and trade publications. This resource is useful for finding publications on a topic- not for finding individual articles.


Using Yahoo: News and Media, find an online magazine to bookmark in your browser. You can visit the site regularly to keep up with educational news and issues.

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