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Reaxys brings a fresh look to chemistry research with powerful functionality, combined content and relevant information.



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Reaxys is the new workflow solution from Elsevier based on the trusted content from CrossFire Beilstein, Gmelin and Patent Chemistry Database. Reaxys integrates reaction and substance data search with synthesis planning. It is an intuitive web-application with powerful and flexible search capabilities, including searching by reaction, substance, and/or numeric property data. Substance searching includes (sub-)structure, generic and R-group searching, molecular formula, name and many more choices. Results - reactions and measured substance data - are presented in easy-to-read tabular views. Intelligent filter and ranking tools allow to determine the most relevant data from a comprehensive data source.

Using Reaxys: learning tools and newsletter

To make the most out of Reaxys visit the Reaxys Training Center, where you will find dedicated e-learning materials.

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Access Reaxys

You can start using Reaxys through the OSU Libraries' subscription at https://www.reaxys.com/ (OSU on-campus access) or http://proxy.lib.ohio-state.edu/login?url=https://www.reaxys.com/ (off-campus access). Access is restricted to OSU students, faculty, and staff. Contact Belinda Hurley at hurley.50@osu.edu for questions about OSU access to Reaxys.

reaction display
Reaction profiles in Reaxys - data from different sources merged together including procedure texts from patents

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substance data
Substance profiles in Reaxys: measured substance data from different sources merged into one record

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synthesis planner
Reaxys synthesis planner - find and combine the best reaction steps to build the most effective procedure

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Reaxys highlights

Reaxys is designed by chemists for chemists and contains the most relevant reaction and substance data from journals and patent literature. Information on single- and multi-step reactions is deeply indexed and complemented by a synthesis planner to fulfil criteria applicable to a research chemist's needs.

  • Reaxys contains experimental reaction and substance data extracted from trusted literature dating back to 1771, not available elsewhere
  • Reaxys includes a synthesis planner allowing researchers to identify and combine selected reaction steps to generate the most effective synthesis strategy.
  • It uses "chemistry as organizing principle": clearly laid out substance or reaction profiles reducing time to get to the relevant results.
  • Experimental procedure texts from patent literature reduce the ned to go to the original document
  • Intelligent filter and ranking tools allow researchers to find the "best" hits from this extensive source fast.
  • With Reaxys you can link directly to Scopus (cited-by information) and full-text documents (journals and patents) to enable further exploration of all the scientific literature [alter according to license agreements with relevant journals/Scopus/ScienceDirect]
  • Multiple formats allow to export results, merge with other data or share data with colleagues (DOC, PDF, XLS, SD, RD, RIS, EndNote/Reference Manager).
  • Commercial availabiltiy flags have direct links to chemical directories: synthesize or buy, whichever is more efficient.
  • Reaxys is web-based, intuitive, supports all major browsers and is easy to administer
  • It is offered via an institution-wide subscription rate with no user limits on access and no software to install

More about Reaxys

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If you need further assistance you can contact the Reaxys customer care team for further assistance.

Email: usinfo@reaxys.com
Toll Free: +1 888 615 4500
Tel: +1 212 462 1978

Email: jpinfo@reaxys.com
Tel: +81 3 5561 5034

Europe and all other regions
Email: nlinfo@reaxys.com
Tel: +49-69-5050 4268

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System requirements and plug-ins

System requirements

Download the latest plugins for the various structure editors available in Reaxys

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Reaxys is a trademark owned and protected by Elsevier Properties SA and used under license.
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