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1A: About Business Research

People research business topics because they are businessmen and women, investors interested in how they may gain from a business' wealth and sound decision-making, policy makers, scholars, or consumers seeking to make purchases. Business research may include market research, information on how to start and run a small business, career guidance, management strategies, investing guides, financial data for industries and companies, general economic information, governmental decisions, the global economy, and so much more. Business does not exist in a vacuum but rather functions within cultures and societies. It is a well-defined yet vast universe.

1B: Of Particular Note for Online Research:

The Web has opened up opportunities for companies to make money and for individuals to learn more about those companies more easily and less expensively. Financial records that were once elusive or expensive to obtain are now often free and open to the public.

In general, business research is harder to classify into the categories we have determined for the topical guides in this series. Mailing lists are more proprietary, less open to the general public than in other fields of research. Many Web sites offer a large amount of information for free, but charge for more valuable information. Many of the sites are money-making ventures themselves, and thus are heavy in advertising, enjoy luring users to register with them to obtain personal and demographic information, and often carry expressed copyright or legal limitation statements.


Search for a tutorial on exporting goods using USA.gov.

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