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1A: About Art Research

For purposes of this guide, Art includes painting, sculpting, drawing, and photography. Research in this field is often concerned with critical analysis of the art, artist, artistic movement or performance itself.

Research of this type can not be done without an eye to the original work (primary source). Research will also include the need to unearth artistic themes and techniques.

1B: Of Particular Note for Online Research:

In the multimedia environment of art, the Web is an excellent resource for finding primary resources. Digitization of art works allows researchers to see copies of the materials regardless of geography. Access to the collections held in galleries and libraries is becoming easier from the desktop and permits a level of research that once required travel to the site. Online researchers may view digitized copies of the art itself, find research and criticism on the piece, locate facts about the work and discuss it with others who are interested in it.

Copyright issues have been discussed in the news for works of art, images, logos, and icons. A student is generally able to use materials for research purposes without problem. But use of these materials beyond the classroom environment may bring legal implications. Redistributing items such as these via a personal web site could have serious implications.


Go to Google Image Search. Type "kinetic sculputre " in the search box (include quotes). Browse your results. .


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