Matching exercise

Consider the descriptions on the left and then choose the neighborhood each lives in on the web. (Hint: Do the easiest ones first.). One is done for you.  Click on Check when you are done with all choices to see your score.


Commercial sites such as e-Bay

Auction houses


Web sites that teach on any topics for babies through the elderly; some are for-profit, some are non-profit, some are provided by government.


Where to have fun on the web, including game sites, movies, sports, and celebrity information


Personal web pages, blogs, and social media sites


Sites intended to persuade instead of educate, including advocacy groups of all sort and all political parties


Web sites for print, radio, and TV news organizations and a few news sources found only on the web


Commercial sites that sell services rather than goods, including financial and travel services, for instance


Commercial web sites where you can order merchandise


Web sites of real libraries or those, like museum sites, that mimic libraries' function of providing information that is designed to educate not persuade


The online presence of companies that may be informative about the company and its goods and services but usually does not sell merchandise or services directly. (Other outlets lower in the company hierarchy usually sell direct.)


Sites that report the workings of government or information collected by government. Citizens can often interact with government services through these sites